About TurboCATS

Your Memory Tester Partner

TurboCATS designs, manufactures and sells memory testing equipment for semiconductor manufacturers, system integrators and distributors. The founders of TurboCATS have over 50 combined years of experience within the memory industry. TurboCATS now serves customers worldwide.

TurboCATS has emerged as one of the leading automated test equipment designers and manufacturers in the ever changing memory industry. Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's) are constantly challenged by rising costs and diminishing profits within the memory business. Their demands for high performing yet cost-effective test solutions are continuosly met by the design team here at TurboCATS. Since 1995, the founders of TurboCATS have been dedicated to satisfying customers through product excellence. Today, TurboCATS continues to lead in the development of the state of the art test systems that meet the rigid demands of our OEM partners.

In 1996, TurboCATS released its first superior test system that tested at true bus speed. As the technology continue to evolve over the years, the demand for higher degrees of accuracy and better correlations between functional testing and motherboard compatibility has increased tremendously as well. The complete line of TurboCATS test systems proved to be the most cost-effective and accurate method of testing both ICs and modules for a broad range of customers.

TurboCATS continues to design and manufacture systems that efficiently test single modules and multi-site units that range from 4 to 64 modules in parallel. The IC testing also varies from 16 to 512 chips. The Script Code software option gives OEMs the capability to develop their own test patterns for an even greater control over their particular product. This illustrates the flexibility of the TurboCATS systems to work with each individual customer to ensure that they are getting the maximum satisfaction with the TurboCATS' product performance at a minimum price.

Mission Statement

TurboCATS is committed to provide the most advanced yet cost-effective memory test solutions through product excellence and superior customer support.

In a market where the only constant is change, reliable test equipment is the key factor to success. By blending innovative technology and a "customer first" commitment to excellence, TurboCATS exceeds in both industry and customer standards.

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