GCOM-6040 IC Handler

A tray pick-and-place type IC handler

Improve Efficiency in High-Volume Manufacturing

Designed to tackle tough tasks

The automated IC test handler GCOM-6040 is an unmatched automated testing solution for different ICs (DRAM, LPDDR and NAND). It can handle up to 80 pieces of ICs in parallel testing, while keeping the integrity of both the tests and DUTs. With the automated IC handler and temperature control settings, the GCOM-6040 can support any testing needs while minimizing potential issues.

The GCOM-6040 handler has an intuitive software GUI - making it easier for engineers to focus on what really matters: the DUTs. The interface can also track multiple testing aspects simultaneously, such as the temperature and the machine settings. With the ability to track multiple tests on one screen, engineers can get better results with less effort at times.

Introducing the Automated IC Test Handler GCOM-6040

Work together seamlessly

Drag and Drop Operation

Loading & Unloading Robot

  • 6 pickers (variable pitch)
  • Rubber pad pickup

Shuttle Buffer

  • Place 80 each pockets
  • Supports load and unloading

Test Contractor

  • One touch clamp (Easy Kit)
  • Direct heating

Tray Stacker

  • Loader, Empty tray stacker: 30 trays
  • Unloading stacker: 4 auto bins
  • Manual stacker: 2 manual bins
  • Top/ Down open stacker

Mechanical Layout

Reference Cycle-Time

  • Load/ Unload picker: 6 pickers (variable pitch)
  • Bin: All bin 1
  • Tray: 8 x 16 arrays
  • Room temperature: 25°C
  • Cycle time = loading + sorting + index (7 seconds).
    Note: Index time: Shuttle buffer in & Out time
Cycle Time
Para Sum Loading Sorting Index
40 para 79 secs 36 secs 36 secs 7 secs
60 para 131 secs 62 secs 62 secs 7 secs
80 para 151 secs 72 secs 72 secs 7 secs

Reference UPH

Para/ Test Time [sec] 0 60 90 120 151 180 210
40 para 1823 1823 1485 1134 911 770 664
60 para 1649 1649 1649 1649 1367 1155 995
80 para 1907 1907 1907 1907 1823 1540 1327

Enhancement Features

High functionality and improve productivity

  • Supports different types of ICs (DRAM, LPDDR and NAND) to run in automation test
  • Maximum support of 80 pieces of ICs (from 40 DUTs to 80 DUTs) in parallel tests with multiple rubber sockets
  • Supports temperatures ranging from ambient temperature to high temperature (up to 85˚C)
  • Supports Empty Socket Checks to prevent damages (such as crushed IC in socket due to unforeseen circumstances)
  • Minimizes potential and unexpected problems, increasing productivity
  • Supports any customer-selected tester


Item Description
Min. Ball Pitch ≤ 0.5mm / JEDEC tray
UPH Refer to "Reference Cycle-Time"
Jam Rate 1/20000
Accuracy (Pick & Place) ㎛; ≤100㎛
Load/ Unload Picker 40 Para: 4 pickers; 60 Para: 6 pickers, 80 Para: 8 pickers
Number of Parallels 40 Para/ 60 Para/ 80 Para
Stack Tray 30 trays/ Auto-Bin (4 auto trays)
1 tray/ Manual Bin (2 manual trays)
Temperature Accuracy Room temperature ~ +85°C
+85°C ± 2°C, Rising time 20 minutes
Sorting Bin Auto 4 bins + Manual 2 bins
Socket 4x10/ 6x10/ 8x10 (Rubber socket)
Ionizer Stacker (Auto, Manual), Shuttle; 1000V -> 100V : 10 seconds
Dimensions/ Weight 1900 (W) x 1700 (D) x 1800 (H) mm / approx. 1500 kg
Power AC 220V ±10% / 3 Phase x 2 (AC power requirements)
Safety Door Open, System Stop & Motor Free
Door Close, Hit START button to restart
Interface PC Base: TCP/IP
Interface Protocol TCP/IP
Optional Description
Software Check Socket Empty (Offers free upgrade if needed)
Auto Socket Off (Offers free upgrade if needed)
C.O.K 4 Units:
- Pusher (contractor) Unit
- Shuttle Buffer
- Pitch Plate
- Buffer

Software Screenshot

The GCOM-6040 Software GUI allows user to build tasks via the drag-and-drop interface.

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