Powerful Integration

Everything you need to know about TurboCATS technology.

Script Code Function

The older TurboCATS test system models provided a wide variety of AC test patterns but did not allow the user to generate a proprietary test pattern. The new TCIII-3200ST offers the Script Code feature. This will let the end user program proprietary test patterns, much like the more costly, high-end ATEs. Utilizing the script programming language, the customer can create a customized test pattern and then use the Script Code pattern generation compiler to compile and generate a new test pattern. The new pattern is then imported into the test list with AC (tSU, tWD, tSAC, tRCD, tCL, tAL, tWR,tRP, tRC, tREF, tRFC, etc) and DC (Vdd, Vref) parameters for customized testing.

Faster Than Motherboard Test

The end user can also create motherboard test pattern algorithms by utilizing the Script Code function and then use this with the programmable AC and DC parameters. Test patterns in the TCIII-3200ST tester perform much faster than the stand-alone motherboard test because there are no-wait states in the operating systems.

Enhanced Timing Bus

Script Code programming gives the end user a high degree of flexibility in programming the timing bus to create a unique Read and Write bus transaction under best and worst case AC parameters. Additionally, a no-wait state bus transaction can be created in the Read to Write cycle.

Powerful Debug/ Compiler Tool

The Script Code programming includes a built-in compiler and debugger environment. This allows the user to monitor the timing waveform of the programming algorithm and the timing bus transactions under the Signal Tap tool.