(2D/3D) NAND Flash/ eMMC

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TCIII-2400NF High Speed System

Versatile Performance

The TCIII-2400NF system is connected to the IC socket board via the None-Cable HiFix unit, which is cable-less to maximize the performance of the signal transmission. This ensures that the system is easy to maintain since the users no longer need to go through hundred of cable wires within the unit.

What is a None-Cable HiFix?

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Speed, signal integrity and costs are challenges for building None-Cable HiFix unit integrated to an automated handler system. The HiFix comes with a large bundle of long cable wires to connect the HiFix to the IC socket boards. It causes signal degradation and time jitter due to the impedance mismatching, conductor losses, radiation effects, etc. It is also difficult to maintain and repair any problem that comes along with going through a large bundle of cable wires.

User-Defined Script Code

Script Code Debugger

The User-Defined Script Code allows users to use Script Code programming language to create customized test patterns.

The Script Code function serves as a powerful compiler/ debug tool. It contains a built-in compiler and debugger for the Script Code programming which allows the users to monitor the timing waveform of the programming algorithm as well as the timing bus transactions. This is all accomplished with the Signal Tap tool.

Handler Interface

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Handling System

GCOM-6040 IC Handler

Flexible Configuration

  • Proper chassis design to meet various selective handler requirements
  • Support Non-cable HiFix for integrating selective handler interface
  • Support environmental test in the temperature ranges of -55 to 125°C

NAND Flash Features

(3D/2D NAND Flash)

  • Test Frequency
    1. - 3D NF: Support up to 1200 MHz
    2. - 2D NF: Support up to 200 MHz
  • Switching Data Rate
    1. - 3D NF: Support up to 2400 Mbps
    2. - 2D NF: Support up to 400 Mbps
  • I/O Inteface
    1. - ONFI 1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0
  • VCCQ Voltage
    1. - 1.8V (max)
  • Test Time Improvement
    1. - Channel 0 and Channel 1 work in parallel with the Read/ Write function to improve test time
  • 3D NAND Flash speed up to 2400Mbps
  • Operating clock frequency up to 1200MHz
  • Process up to 128 DUTs simultaneously which offers high production throughput
  • Support Power Short checking
  • Built-in standard ICC measurement patterns
    1. - Sequential Read, Program, Erase, Standby (TTL), etc
  • Over 20 Industry AC Patterns
    1. - AC Timing mode for Async, Sync and Toggle
    2. - Block/ Page/ Column mode
    3. - Read and Mark Bad Block
    4. - Support Multi-Plane and Multi-LUN operations

eMMC Features

(Embedded Multi-Media Card)

  • High Speed, HS200 and HS400 modes
  • Frequency: 50MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz
  • VCCQ Voltage: 1.8V (max)
  • Simultaneous testing of 128 DUTs at speed
  • Standard IDD Measurement and AC Parametric test
    1. - IDD Measurement
      1. StandbyMode, Erase, Read_Multi-Block, Write_Multi-Block, etc
    2. - AC Parametric Test
      1. Read ID Function
        1. - CID (Device Identification) Register Read
        2. - CSD (Device-Specific Data) Register Read
        3. - Extended CSD Register Read
      1. User Area Erase
      1. User Area Data Write
        1. - Single-block Write and Multiple-block Write
      1. User Area Data Read
        1. - Single-block Read and Multiple-block Read

NAND Flash Control Panel

The control panel provides users the ability to customize their testing options and administration settings.

Main Operating System

Script Code

Test Plan

Test Device

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